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Popular activity in Bali

Bali marine sport activities is a spectacular holiday program, filled with extraordinary, challenging  and unforgettable games. With a selection of unique and exciting activities, this tour becomes a favorite among tourists who come to Bali.

There will be many spontaneous surprises and interesting things that happen when you take part in this program. The energy of activity and the beach atmosphere will transform your spirit to happiness and healthiness.

During the excitement of activity, you can take selfies of all the beautiful moments into unforgettable holiday photos. The fantastic panorama will fill your day with enthusiasm and happiness, even though you are tired after some activities.

Location of Bali marine sports activity

water sport activityWater sport activity is located at Tanjung Benoa beach – Nusa Dua, which is an elite and clean hospitality complex. The beach area at Tanjung Benoa is famous among the tourists, for its warm and crystal clear water.

Tanjung Benoa Beach is equipped with a complete set of facilities such as benches with umbrellas, toilets and restaurants. Along the beach there are shady trees to reduce the humidity and heat, and also give a breeze of wind.

Even if the day is very hot, You are still ensured to be relaxed and comfortable enjoying the beach. The beauty of the beach atmosphere will invite you to swim and sunbathe on the soft white sand.

Apart from doing marine sport activity  at Tanjung Benoa, tourists who are on vacation with their families get extraordinary opportunities. They can have a simple but special picnic to enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere together.

Safety procedures of Bali marine sport activities

Operational procedures for marine sports activities in Bali use a very high level of safety, and every activity gets  insurance.  Therefore, this marine sports activity is very safe for children over 5 years old, with parental supervision.

Don’t waste any more time, let’s join this popular activity with your partner or family.  If you have further questions about this tour, don’t hesitate to send us a message, we will be happy to answer as soon as possible.

Water sport activity by New Bali Tours

There are a lot of marine sports activities at Tanjung Benoa, you can choose the activity that meets your requirements. The water sport activity are as follows:

  • Parasailing 
  • Banana boat
  • Fly fish 
  • Donut boat 
  • Jet ski activity 
  • Ocean walker 
  • Snorkeling


Bali marine sports activities

Parasailing is one of the most spectacular marine sport activities that looks difficult, but in fact it is very easy. The participant will be equipped with fully safe parasailing tools and included insurance.

The instruction to drive the parachute is very simple and easy for everyone to understand. But if you feel uncomfortable to go by yourself the staff will do a tandem  for you.

Enjoy flying over the beautiful coast to view the fantastic panorama, as the speed boat pulls you on parachute. 

Banana Boat

Marine sports in BaliBanana boat is similar to rafting, but the boat is pulled by a speed boat to create a thrilling sensation. It would be fun to ride a giant inflatable banana boat with your family or friends to get more excitement.

Even though the banana boat is the oldest water sport activity, but this activity is still popular as everyone’s favorite.

Rolling Donut Water sport

Bali marine sports activitiesRolling donut has similar activity to a banana boat, but the boat uses a rounded donut shaped. The donut shaped boat creates a bouncing effect from the speed boat’s wave trail which pulls that donut boat.

If you are a fast rider who loves bouncing around, this attractive water sport activity is a must for you.

Fly fish 

Bali marine sports activitiesFly fish is an inflatable boat pulled by speed boats that make the boat float above the water. It is a thrilling and  challenging water sport but very safe and worth trying with your partner.

The boat and equipment used for this water sport activity are accurately designed for safety and included insurance.

Ocean walker 

Ocean or sea walker is underwater sightseeing by walking along on the seabed using a waterproof helmet. This tour amazingly creates a true life illusion that you are walking inside the giant aquarium.

The beauty of colorful marine life will create a magical moment to amaze your heart. 

Jet ski 

Jet skiing is one of the most popular marine sports activities in Bali. If you want to race against the waves then jet skiing is the right choice. 

The currents around Tanjung Benoa beach are calm with some moderate rolling waves, so it is suitable and safe for jet skiing


Join the best marine tour to witness the beauty of marine life and enchanted by colorful coral reefs. Snorkeling is a very simple but extraordinary tour  activity where you can learn about the secrets of marine life.

Don’t waste any more time, let’s join this popular activity with your partner or family.  If you have further questions about this tour, don’t hesitate to send us a message, we will be happy to answer as soon as possible.

For booking  information please go to: Marine Sport in Bali

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