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Dear friends,

i have been so long abandon my blog sharing. i was feeling so useful by using blog for my small business. after i was busy posted in other socmed. but now i will come again with new thing of our experience as a tour advisor and tour Agent in Bali.

i have to post many things actually since this blog was forgotten in years. i cant believe i do that .

ok, let me started it :


is the one of many ritual of Balinese Hindu In Bali that believed could bring us to positive aura and energy to our Body.

more you do Melukat and more you will feel become renew you. and it is believed also could washed away your sins and will lead you to become better people in aura and personal.

beside of sacred prayer, also some of the equipment for Melukat are could impact to your body to be good and it is believed could also make your body and mind healthier.

is it only Mitos or fact?

Believe or not..but alot of people from around the world are doing Melukat.

lets enjoy the picture.

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