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Hi There,

i am sure not all people or all men in the world like fishing. since fishing needs passion and you have to ready sun burn in the middle of the sea. and for some people has opinion that fishing is just wasting time. maybe for people who dont have a job or something.

but trough this blog, i wanna share you my fishing experiences in Bali.

if you wanted to do fishing to get TUNA , you have to go to west of Bali sea that is around gerokgak village or Patas village and beyond.

not so many captain there who can arrange this activity. so i also can help you to make this thing happened .

they start to leave from the shore is in the afternoon around 4 pm. and will be at the sea night around 7 pm. and you should sleep on the boat because the fishing is in entire night until finish early next morning and back to the shore.

prices for this actvity is about 5 million rupiah for 3 person including Meal lunch and Dinner and breakfast for the next morning .

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