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Itinerary in Bali for efficiency & optimization

Itinerary in BaliWhat will you get with an itinerary in Bali for 6 days?. The answer is very relative, because it depends on how you will arrange your vacation in Bali and its surroundings.

Itinerary in Bali for 6 days, is.an ideal time to enjoy a tourism spot in Bali without rush. However, for optimal results you should work with a local driver that professionally can help you to arrange an itinerary.

Best holiday partner to work with

However, getting a local driver isn’t easy, for that reason you must  contact a car charter company to work with. Why should you contact car charter companies instead of tour providers? Because a car charter can give you more valuable services and flexibility.

For that purpose, they will provide You with an experienced driver and full gasoline for the duration of the charter. In addition, car charters are more flexible and can change routes if the situation does not support the trip.

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Carter mobil termurah di Bali

Affordable Bali car charter is the smart way to enjoy vacation

The dream come true

Itinerary in BaliSeveral months ago, we served Mrs.  Leana, who is on holiday in Bali with the Beauty Convention Group from India.  After discussing for several days, we finally made an itinerary in Bali for 6 days at a fairly affordable cost.

An itinerary is flexible based on the client’s plan, and it’s specifically designed without any restrictions on tourist destinations.  For example, an itinerary in Bali for 6 days, was designed based on some of the members’ dream vacations.

Providing different holiday activities in one group is difficult, but with experience and expertise, this can be easily resolved.  What we do is make 1 day free, so that each member can do their own activities that they want to do.

Tour schedule for an Itinerary in Balifor 6 days

The tour schedule listed below is an example of an itinerary in Bali for 6 days. This vacation plan is flexible and could be changed whenever is needed according to circumstances.

Bali has many interesting tourist spots and activities, so using your own itinerary will definitely make your vacation easier. You can change or update the itinerary according to circumstances.

If you need more detailed information about tour activities, click here.

For the cost of charter a car with a professional driver, click here

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The First day

Itinerary in BaliPick-up at the airport: the driver will stand by and wait for arrival at the airport a few minutes beforehand. After that, leave for the hotel or go straight to the tourist spot.

Uluwatu temple: due to the arrival of the plane at noon, so there is still time to unwind at Uluwatu temple. At the temple which is located on the hill, guests start their holiday by praying and relaxing for a while.

Sunset seafood: in the late of afternoon, guests will enjoy the panoramic sunset and delicious seafood dishes by the beach.

The vacation plan for second day 

Going to Kintamani

After breakfast we head to the beautiful Kintamani with a panoramic view of Mount Batur surrounded by a crescent-shaped caldera lake.

BALI quad bike or river rafting is an adventure activity, as an alternative tour option if the guest wants more  challenging activities.

Going to Tibumana waterfall

Tibumana is a very gorgeous waterfall and is one of the best hidden gems in Bali. But you have to consider. However, you have to consider how to get to the waterfall which must pass through steep and wet roads.

Going to Gunung Kawi Temple

Gunung Kawi Temple is an ancient site carved directly on a Padas hill by the river. This is a very amazing place to visit and learn about the history of Balinese traditions.

The third day 

Itinerary in Bali

The vacation plane for the third day is a whole Day tour with lunch on Nusa Penida, this island is located at the southeast of the island of Bali. Holiday activities available on Nusa Penida are water sports and inland tours.


The fourth days of Itinerary in Bali

Going to Bedugul

Bedugul is a tourist area with lakes and mountains, there are several interesting activities in this cool area. 

  • Picking your own strawberry
  • Visiting Ulun Danu Temple which is located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Beratan. 
  • Bedugul Botanical Garden.
  • Outdoor activities and others.
  • Gitgit waterfall
  • Lake Tamblingan with an ancient temple which is sometimes under water.

Going to Jatiluwih

Enjoy the beauty of the world heritage in the form of terraced rice fields. The cool and beautiful Jatiluwih area is the right location for a short break while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Going to Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot temple is built on a rock, during high tide it will make the Tanah Lot Temple float on the water.  Besides that, there is a rocky hill that juts into the sea and has a hole in the middle called “batu perforated”.

Tourists can also enjoy phenomenal Kecak and fire dance performances with a panoramic sunset as a background, thus making the evening atmosphere even more spiritual.

The fifth day

Free day tour

In the free day tour,  the members can do the activities as they want to do by themselves.

The vacation plan for sixth day

Spiritual tour to the Karangasem area to the gate of heaven which is located at Lempuyang temple.  Heading back towards Kuta, the group will take a short break at Tirta Empul.  Then continue the journey to Goa Lawa  as the final destination.



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